Dec 14th &15th Online Session by the universities

Dec 14th 16:00-17:00(JST)
Osaka University

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Passcode: 393467

Dec 14th 17:00-18:00(JST)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS)

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Pass code: 089483

Dec 15th 16:00-17:00(JST)
Shibaura Institute of Technology(SIT)

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Passcode: 2.Uj4bAakH

Dec 15th 17:00-18:00(JST)
Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University(APU)

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Passcode: K*6Y?6S^5Z

Dec 15th 18:00-19:00(JST)
Kyushu University Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences

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Passcode: !Yi61&!3MT