1. 2020.12.15

    December 16th Q&A session by Students

    December 16th 20:00(JST)TunisiaZoom LinkID: 953 1170 0587Passcode: u2@eum@0YJ*Timezone Converter https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html…

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  2. 2020.12.15

    Dec 16th &17th Online Session by the universities

    Dec 16th 16:00(JST)Shibaura Institute of TechnologyZoom LinkID: 921 3364 1588Passcode: CX5U&0K8ATDec 16th 17:00(JST)Osaka UniversityGraduate School of Frontier Biosciences, School …

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  3. 2020.12.12

    Dec 14th &15th Online Session by the universities

    Dec 14th 16:00-17:00(JST)Osaka UniversityZoom LinkPasscode: 393467Dec 14th 17:00-18:00(JST)Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(TUFS)Zoom LinkPass code: 089483Dec 15th 16:00-17:00(J…

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  4. 2020.12.11

    Dec 12th-14th Online Session by Students

    December 12th 20:00-21:00(JST)TurkeyZoom LinkPasscode: jj#892x@zNDecember 13th 20:00-21:00(JST)TurkeyZoom LinkPasscode : #Qq9m5ysc$December 14th 20:00-21:00(JST)Egypt & Saudi…

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  5. 2020.12.10

    December 11th Today’s Online Session by the universities

    * Please keep the time difference in mind.16:00-17:00(JST)Kyoto UniversityZoom LinkPasscode: t0#JK$8Nr^17:00-18:00(JST)University of TsukubaZoom LinkPasscode: HB5fW5$^Fy18:…

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  6. 2020.12.10

    December 11th Today’s Online Session by Students

    Q&A session for Palestine and LebanonZoom Link…

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