Kyushu University

Founded in 1911, Kyushu University is a leading research-oriented institute of higher education in Fukuoka, which is historically renowned as Japan’s gateway to Asia for profound cultural and economic interactions due to its geographical proximity to continental Asia.
The University celebrated its rst centennial anniversary in 2011 and is taking bold steps forward into its second century. With anenrollment of nearly 20,000 students, it is comprised of 12 undergraduate schools, 18 graduate schools, 17 faculties, 5 research institutes, and a hospital, as well as over 50 a liated research centers. The University’s 12th undergraduate school, the School of Interdisciplinary Science and Innovation was launched in April 2018. The international student population is more than 2,300, representing about 100 countries and re ecting our steadfast commitment to internationalization.
The new, state-of-art Ito Campus is designed for the development of the next-generation technologies, with particular focus on theenvironment and energy-related research. Blessed with an abundance of nature and history, this new campus is a comprehensive research center that re ects our high regard for the preservation of green areas, groundwater, landscape, and historical remains, and has achieved harmonious co-existence with its surrounding natural environment.

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