University of Tsukuba

Since its inception in Tsukuba Science City in 1973, the University of Tsukuba has offered a comprehensive curriculum of education, covering everything from literature and science to fine arts and physical education. Although the university’s roots stretch back much further than 40 years; its origins lie in the Normal School, the first of its kind in Japan, established in 1872.

The University of Tsukuba is a future-oriented institution, and we have always sought to be an open university offering interdisciplinary education aimed at fostering internationally minded people. With faculties covering humanities, sciences, sports, and art, we are a university in the true sense of the original Latin meaning “the whole,” and aim to nurture tomorrow’s global leaders through a broad-ranging pursuit of academic excellence. Indeed, we seek to leverage our position in center of Tsukuba, Japan’s world-leading research hub, to promote harmonious coexistence among all humankind.